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Black and Gold Ornate series are among extraordinarily designed urns. This urn is covered with crown patterns symbolizing honor and glory, as well as immortality, and resurrection. It is made of brass, a strong material that is reasonably durable and attractive, even possess some antimicrobial qualities thanks to its high copper content. Brass urns are a traditional choice, but still offering a distinctive design to honor your loved one. It has a brushed gold finish and feature leaves carving.

The dimensions of this urn are: 9″ H x 6″ D. The urn has a threaded top lid for secure closure. The lid opens and closes like a jar, offering peace of mind that ashes will not be spilled. Also comes with a free cover bag.

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A product of Magnificat Niches Inc. (MNI) that is proudly produced with superior craftmanship. A quality that your departed loved one deserve. This beautiful urn from MNI is a fitting memory to honor your loved one and to keep your memories close. A touching gift for a lasting reminder of the deceased.

If you ever have questions on the quality of this urn we offer, or other related concerns, please contact our customer service team who can help resolve any issues.

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  1. Patricia Papa

    The urn was beautiful and exactly what I expected.

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