The MNI Vault construction system uses the structural technology of materials which allows more vaults to be placed per wall compared to conventional systems. Based on the illustration below, with a 3.8 x 2.4 meters standard wall unit and using the same interior vault dimensions, conventional systems can only come up with a 9-wide by 7-highe layout or a total of 63 vaults; while MNI’s system can provide a 10-wide by 8-high layout or a total of 80 vaults, thus, maximizing your space and your profits.


MNI uses current engineering practices and requires no heavy equipment for the installation of columbarium vaults. We assure you that every vault is properly and carefully installed. Our team of engineers and designers work directly with your architects and builders to deliver the highest quality in accordance to your specifications. We can install precision-designed vaults for you anywhere in the Philippines.

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